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Ugly -- Info

All Songs Performed by Life of Agony
(Keith Caputo, Sal Abruscato, Alan Robert and Joey Z.)
All Guitar Solos Written by Joey Z.
Some Keyboard and Synthesizer Overdubs by Ed Terry / Kiss Off
Productions Produced by Steve Thompson

Copyright 1995 The All Blacks B.V.
Issued under license to Roadrunner Records from The All Blacks B.V.
All songs published by Roadblock Music. Inc. [ASCAP] / Roadster Music. B.V.
except: "Don't you (forget about me)", written by Keith Forsey and Steven Schiff,
published by MCA Music Publishing, A Division Of MCA,
Inc. [ASCAP]/Music Corporation of America, Inc. (BMI) and
"Redemption Song", written by Bob Marley
and published by Bob Marley Music Ltd.,
admin. by Polygram International Publishing [ASCAP]

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